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Creating Your Kick Drums For House Music

The beat is a foundation of a dance music. Getting it right can bring the dance floor to life. To start your music, it has to begin with a kick. You may use the basic subbed out bass of 808 or start with a solid 909. You then add the snares and percussions around it. The percussions and snare should match before creating the rhythm of the track. It is easier to start with the right drums and build slowly from there.


House music relies on the kick quality. It can make or break the track. You are probably wondering what elements to use from the thousands that are available?

Knowing that the bass and kick is what drives the track is important. To project energy they have to complement each other. The basic rule is that the kick should be high and short if your bass-line is deep. With practice and a little tuning, you will be able to balance both elements.

Different genres of house music require different layers of kick. For starters, a deep house mix should be comfortable with a 909 kick in order to get that live vibe. An 808 kick layered with a disco or samples from the 80’s is what electro house music producers prefer. Simplicity is what you’d want when going for minimal house. It revolves around an 808 style or preferably a synthetic kick.

It is recommended to compress only after eq. This is to avoid any unwanted frequencies being compressed.

Don’t rush anything especially in creating your kicks. It is the solid foundation of your music. You should take time and a lot of patience in order to create your unique house music.

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding house music creation, feel free to comment below.