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How To Fix The Error 0x80071AC3


If you are experiencing the Error 0x80071AC3, we have a step by step instruction on how to fix it. This error comes from the hard drive which prevents you to copy, paste or cut any file.

The usual reason in getting this issue is because of unexpected shutdown. If possible refrain from doing a force shutdown. A force shutdown is when you press and hold the power button until the computer turns off. Doing so prevents opened files from closing properly which could result in corrupted data.

Your computer is not meant to be used this way. It puts extra stress on your hardware when doing force shutdowns. It may not damage your hardware but it could shorten its lifespan if not used properly.

If you are forced to choose between holding the power button or pulling the power cord in order to shutdown or restart your computer, it is recommended that you choose holding the power button. Some power supply has safety features which prevent spikes and dips in power.

Here is a step by step solution in fixing the error 0x80071AC3:

  1. Go to your desktop and find the icon “This PC”
  2. Right click on the hard drive that is affected by this error.
  3. Click Properties
  4. Find the “Tools” tab
  5. On the Error-checking label click “Check”
  6. Put a check on “Automatically fix file system errors”
  7. Click Start


The amount of time it takes to scan your hard drive depends on its capacity. If you are wondering whether this will cause you to lose your precious data, the answer is no. It will not affect the content of your hard drive.

To avoid Error 0x80071AC3 you need to allow the computer to shutdown normally using the shutdown option on the start menu.