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How to get a muscular body with least possible effort?

visual impact muscle building review

How to get a muscular body is a tricky query faced by many individuals. It seems like guys worldwide look to build muscles but the lack of proper guidance or program makes it hard to attain desired outcomes. It is the right time to stop experimenting and apply Visual Impact muscle building program by Rusty Moore. The eBook is perfectly suited when it comes to achieving sleek defined body shape in quick time and with least possible efforts. Here you are not asked to use any supplements or carry out rigorous exercises in the gym. There are merely 3 phases which you need to follow and each phase will last for around 2 months.

Visual Impact Muscle Building – Hybrid Training At Its Best!

Rusty Moore was certainly able above to cover many advanced muscle building tactics in his new eBook. However, the program will not cover all aspects related to chest sculpting but still, the shared tactics will make your muscles hard. Right execution will result in good chest development that you have always dreamed of.

Rusty has used all the experience in order to serve the needy individuals with unique muscle building advice. Apart from the unique ideas, he will provide you different types of muscle-head physiques that you must not prefer to attain. He has clearly pointed out the wrong stuff carried out by the trainees and ways to avoid them. As a user, you will always feel nice to have a personal and experienced trainer guiding you out and help in doing right things to build muscles.

There is nothing much to complain but still, you need to spend plenty of time in reading out the entire book. The ebook contains 75 pages and every word has its own value.

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Pixel Blood Online – Zombie Pixel Game

Pixel Blood Online


Games are the best way to get entertained and now a huge list of games can be seen in the market. When we talk about the famous games then we can’t neglect the name of pixel blood online. It is a survival block game which is playing by people on a wide scale. Features are unique and you can’t see these in other games. a huge variety of weapons and characters are present which are the most interesting part of this game.

Need of tips and tricks

If you are a player of this zombie game then you must follow some important and necessary tips and tricks because without this you are unable to play in a better way. Some people ignore to follow such tips and it is the most common mistake done by every player. If you are willing to play this fantastic game then such points can’t be ignored. In fact, it is the only way which can help a player in keeping secure the serum. Basically, these are basic and crucial rules of playing and by following this; a player is able to enhance his/her gaming experience.

Moreover; if you love to play games then try this game once and it will surely grab your attention. If we talk about the game then it is all about to acquire serum. Many zombies can be seen in the game which tries to take away that serum from the player and he/she have to survive with them with the help of weapons and vehicles. In nutshell; it is the perfect game for all those people who love to play survival block games and if you are also one of such type of people then pixel blood online is the best and perfect option.


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Significant Information Regarding HVAC Financing

HVAC Financing

Do you want to install HVAC system in your home? Don’t you have sufficient resources? If yes, then you need not worry, there are many sources in front of you. There are many loan and finance facilities by which you can easily get assistance and complete your installation work. HVAC is a system which means heating, ventilation and air conditioning. As you know that when you are living in your home you need the comfortable environment so that you can live in such environment properly and conveniently. Most of the people are finding the HVAC system best for their home that’s why they want to install them in their houses. Installation of such device is not a daunting task, it needs a huge amount of investment and which is not affordable for everyone. In such case, HVAC Financing plays a significant role in providing financial assistance for installing such devices.

Vital Concepts About HVAC Financing

When you are going to select the company for getting the financial assistance, you need to consider a lot of facts in your mind. HVAC is also installed in a home for controlling the climate and environment. Many of the business organizations also install such type of devices in their offices for improving the efficiency of the workers. Most of the companies are unable to install such systems in their homes or offices because it requires huge amount of investment. In this situation, they are moving towards the financing companies. You can easily compare the different companies according to their facilities and get a perfect one.

As well, people also need to consider the rate of interest and other borrowing costs for taking loans for installing such type of system in their home or offices. The reliable company must facilitate you according to requirements for your desired results.

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Information About Catering

Catering is a business which provides the food in any event according to the number of guests. Now the trend of hiring catering is increasing dramatically. No one is ready to do such task by themselves so they are hiring different catering companies. If we are organizing any events, it is sure that we are inviting a huge number of guests. As well, we also need to serve them meals which are an essential part of every event. The catering companies can do that task well with their different staff members. An example of a good catering service is the West Chester Catering. They cook food according to the number of guests as well as they serve it to guests in a better way. In this situation, we need not worry about any preparation or arrangements of food. The entire task is wholly completed by the catering companies. For this, you need to hire good professional catering services in order to get the desired results.

Best Possible Details Regarding Catering Facilities


There is a huge number of companies exist around the world. They are also providing a number of facilities to make you more convenient. Most of the companies are handling the whole task related to food in the occasions. They are arranging the food in a proper way so that you don’t want to face the shortage of foods. They are managing and serving the food well and also allows the guests to enjoy the food. You know what; most of the companies are preparing the different starters and the drinks also. Obviously, you need to serve the different drinks and starters to your guests. Such catering companies provide you the best services and also enable you to make your good impression in front of your guests. You can easily search different type of catering companies with the help of internet and get the best beneficial details regarding their facilities.

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Yoga Exercise: A Powerful Therapy


Yoga is a term which is very well known by everyone around the world. It also has a significant place in our life for getting a healthy body. All we know that everyone is aware of their fitness as well as their health. There are many types of sources available by which we can get the body we want, but when we talk about the best way then you should never ignore the term yoga. There are many yoga centers exist around us in which you can easily find trainers who can help you to learn the ways of yoga. If you have some knowledge about the yoga weight loss then you can also do it at you home with ease.

A helping hand: yoga videos

There are many experts who upload their different videos by which you can learn the ways to do exercise. Click here to see a sample of a yoga video. If you want to do yoga at home then you must know the proper way for which you need to take help from such videos. Professionals and experts of yoga made these videos in which they teach many exercises with steps and by following such steps a person can get better results. Some people just start doing yoga with the lack of knowledge which is not good. By this, they are increasing their chance of getting an injury. Yoga exercises for weight loss at home are the best alternative for those people who are unable to go for yoga classes.

Yoga is better in every manner among other therapies and methods of burning fat. It is preferred by many people whether they are young or old. You can also stay away from the long term disease by doing yoga regularly right at your home.


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Operational Benefits of Virtual Reality

virtual realityYou can hire virtual reality equipment to gain the capability for modern warfare demands. people who are responsible for its maintenance have a good knowledge of technology. Half jet is the new high performing, fast jet, aircraft systems such as joint strike fighter and EFA technique. The crew who works with this computer system are using the sophisticated computer system. But due to lack of money available to provide funding to purchase additional equipment, it becomes very difficult to provide proper training to the people.

To solve this issue, the procedure of training is changing continuously. They hire virtual reality equipment to provide any dangerous or complex training. This equipment allows the students to interact with the system in the way they want. Its real advantage comes into existence when the instructor gets the ability to create any fault, its effects and faults all allowed to diagnose by the student. This helps students or trainee to study several tasks such as fault isolation/detection and much more. The experience of learning can be further improved with the ability to interface with real and modelled equipment.

The major benefits of using virtual reality equipment over real equipment are given below

  1. Lower cost: – it enables the students to perform any action multiple times such as high performance, fast jet aircraft etc.
  2. The task of team training: – the virtual training equipment allows students who are working on a different computer to interact with each other.
  3. Maintaining safety and security: – you can hire virtual training equipment to reduce the danger to students.
  4. Increased student efficiency: – students are able to learn with greater efficiency with the use of virtual training equipment
  5. 5. Low price: – this virtual equipment is much cheaper than real equipment.

Hence virtual reality device makes the training program much easier. It increases the efficiency of learning and also reduces the danger on students.


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Wholesale Business Using China As Supplier

China wholesalers jewelryEveryone wants to succeed and for some people success starts with your a business. If you are looking for a business to get in to, a wholesale business might be the one for you.

There are different types of wholesale business you can use. The basic one is where you buy a bunch of product goods at a wholesale price and sell them one by one. This will require space and proper inventory. There are some wholesale business that can be properly managed just over the internet. There will be no space required or pre-purchasing.

As with any business, proper planning and execution is needed to succeed. Knowing the ins and out of the trade is an advantage. There are different industries you can start with but it will be better if you know the product beforehand. Make sure the market is not too competitive.

Business nowadays source a lot of their products from China. The country has been considered an economic powerhouse because of their ability to produce goods at a low price. Getting familiar with the trade limitation, tax duties and knowing a reliable supplier are the major obstacle. And let’s not forget language barrier. For example you want to find China wholesalers jewelry and there is not much you know about China. The best way to address this is to find reliable suppliers online. They should be able to communicate English decently to avoid misunderstandings.

Getting a reliable supplier from China will require time and effort. In some cases you may need to visit the supplier to get a firsthand look at their goods. From there, you can learn their delivery channels as well as transit time. By visiting them you can give them the impression that you are serious with your business.

Aside from visiting China, you also need to know the limitations on importing in your country. There could be taxes that will surprise you once your product arrives. All these expense should be computed ahead of time to see if you still can make profit.

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Trying Out Furniture Financing Online

frniture07The power of the internet has really changed the life of human beings. Gone are the days where you have to go out and buy anything you need. Today, you just have to open your mobile phone and with a few moments you have bought the product that you need. It should arrive right at your doorstep soon. This kind of technology have paved way for online shopping. And when you say online shopping, it also includes bulky products like a furniture.

When shopping for a furniture online it is recommended to always go for websites that have a reputation. You can be sure that they can provide top notch customer service as well as offer a wide selection of furniture.

Before browsing the selection make sure that you check if they can offer furniture financing. This is important if you don’t have upfront cash available. Online application approval is usually very fast and easy. Not only will it allow you to purchase a new furniture but it will help you spread over time the amount you need to pay. Remember to pay them on time to avoid unnecessary late payment charges. Furniture is priced high which makes it logical to get a furniture financing to avoid making a big dent on your savings.

Once you have picked your furniture, make sure to check out the reviews first before checking out. With a reputed website there are many reviews that you can check before buying. This allows you to make an informed decision on your new furniture. Will the design get in the way of its functionality? Do you have enough space?

Check for the delivery date because you don’t want them to deliver a bulky item like a furniture when you are not around. You can set the date when they can deliver it to your home.


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Auto Repair Shop Financing

repairrepair8If you are in an auto repair business, you are probably having a hard time with managing your cash flow. Your cash flow is usually affected if you are getting paid by insurance or is dealing with commercial accounts. They affect your cash flow because they demand up to 60 day terms in order to pay an invoice. The problem is that most auto repair business can’t wait that long. There are bills and expenses to pay like salaries, machinery and car parts.

You might think that creating a reserve fund can save you. Yes it is the most cost-effective way but what if you are into expanding? What if the number of clients grew suddenly. Your reserve fund might not be sufficient. Let’s not forget that creating a reserve fund can take time to build.

Another option is to use an Auto Repair Consumer Financing. This is a service which allows your customers to finance their repairs by means of a financing company. The customer will agree to pay the amount over a course of time. The financing company will then pay you in full while they collect the money from your client.

If you are looking for an auto repair consumer financing service you should check if they have the following features:

  1. Allows no credit check financing – Not all your clients has a good credit history. This allows you to cover more clients.
  2. Instant approval – With the technology today, everything is fast. A good financing company should be able to offer fast approval.
  3. No monthly fees – The financing company is already generating profit from the payments by your clients. They should not be getting any monthly payment from you.
  4. Payment is same day – This feature allows you to continue to run your business without waiting for long term payments. Manage your cash flow better by opting for a financing company that has this feature.

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Creating Your Kick Drums For House Music

The beat is a foundation of a dance music. Getting it right can bring the dance floor to life. To start your music, it has to begin with a kick. You may use the basic subbed out bass of 808 or start with a solid 909. You then add the snares and percussions around it. The percussions and snare should match before creating the rhythm of the track. It is easier to start with the right drums and build slowly from there.


House music relies on the kick quality. It can make or break the track. You are probably wondering what elements to use from the thousands that are available?

Knowing that the bass and kick is what drives the track is important. To project energy they have to complement each other. The basic rule is that the kick should be high and short if your bass-line is deep. With practice and a little tuning, you will be able to balance both elements.

Different genres of house music require different layers of kick. For starters, a deep house mix should be comfortable with a 909 kick in order to get that live vibe. An 808 kick layered with a disco or samples from the 80’s is what electro house music producers prefer. Simplicity is what you’d want when going for minimal house. It revolves around an 808 style or preferably a synthetic kick.

It is recommended to compress only after eq. This is to avoid any unwanted frequencies being compressed.

Don’t rush anything especially in creating your kicks. It is the solid foundation of your music. You should take time and a lot of patience in order to create your unique house music.

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding house music creation, feel free to comment below.

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Benefits Of Local SEO

Not all businesses are designed to cover a large area. An example would be a car rental service. The business can only cater to a specific location which means any marketing efforts should only be focused on the locals.

Local SEO is a way to spread your brand name to a specific region. People usually search business with the location at the end. Example is: “car rental service Houston” this search query will show a list of car rental service in the Houston area. By optimizing your website, social media accounts and other review websites you can get a large share of potential clients if your business shows up in the first page of the result. People rarely go to 2nd page when doing a search on search engines like Google. On the first page they make a decision on which one check out. If your pages are left hanging on the 2nd page you are missing a lot of potential income. This is the reason why hiring a local SEO Houston agency is a good investment.


The ability to spread the business to a highly targeted group is a dream for all business owners. A simple campaign can boost your income exponentially. Imagine a social media posts that goes viral.

Hiring a local SEO service provider should be on your priority list. These agencies know who and where to connect your business. They usually have a large network of websites concentrated to an area that can help boost your rankings. An initial consultation with them will give you more details on what they can achieve and what it can do to your business.

The number of people using the internet to find whatever they need is increasing. Imagine if you are not listed there you are missing a large chunk of the market.



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Race Discrimination Attorney Los Angeles

Despite technological innovations that allow people of different race and location to bond, there is still racial discrimination happening every time. The number of racial discrimination in a workplace cases is proof that there is still a need for improvement in our society. The law provides everyone with equal opportunity whatever his or her race, ethnicity, age or color of skin.
The law Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is used by race discrimination attorney in defending people that have been treated with disrespect because of their race. The law prevents any discrimination in any business aspect like hiring, compensations, terminations or promotions. Any racial discrimination that can affect a person performance at work should be brought upon into consideration. Basing a decision by an employer based on a person’s race is not acceptable.

The employer should promote a fair and equal environment for his or her employees. The law also prohibits any racial jokes or derogatory remarks which may constitute illegal harassment.
Segregation of employees based on their race is also unlawful. The employer is also prohibited to assign a marginal job to their minority workers because these prevents any professional growth to the person. The right to equality is stressed deeply in the law and should be followed in strict compliance.
To get help, there are race discrimination Attorney Los Angeles that can help you. If you are unsure whether your employee or coworkers treated you in a wrong way you may want to consult with a lawyer to clarify if it can count as a racial discrimination case. The lawyer can give you counsel on what are your rights and what legal actions you can take.
Racial discrimination is a serious offense and should be dealt with accordingly. This not only teaches the person who committed the offense but everyone around him including his family, coworkers, and friends. It will teach them that racial discrimination comes with a heavy price and should be eradicated from their minds.

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Funding Solution For Small Business

A lot of small business owners these days are looking for a merchant cash advance as a feasible source of capital to operate their sales and provide a more stable cash flow. However, with the recent downturn of our economy, a lot of banks have tightened up their reigns when it comes to business loans, and people have wisened up on spending their hard earned cash. However, with flexible payment options like a no credit check financing, customers won’t have to be burdened with an enormous one-time payment. But for such payment options to be possible, a business will have to partner up with a merchant service company.


What exactly is a merchant cash advance?

Keep in mind that a merchant cash advance is not the same as the traditional business loan. Traditional business loans offer limited services and lack the flexibility to properly accommodate a modern business. There are a lot of factors to consider such as the interest amounts, long waits for a payment approval, possible bindings, as well as the fixed charge most banks usually require. With a merchant service, such issues are eliminated from the get go. The process is made as smooth as possible, and your access to the funding is as little as four days.

How does merchant cash advance work?

Essentially, the merchant service company will acquire a sum percentage of your credit card receipts and advance those credits up front. You can use the cash without restriction. Then the merchant service provider will deduct a small percentage from your future credit sales daily. Keep in mind that there are no fixed payments per month; rather, a small portion of your credit transactions will be deducted right when your advance has been paid back.

With a cash advance on your hand, you can buy new equipment, restock your product, use the money on marketing schemes, and create expansion opportunities for your business.


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Is There A Way To Cure Cancer


We are aware that cancer is incurable and a lot of people die from it. It is an uncontrollable reproduction of damaged cells. Did you know that a human body is capable of healing itself? The immune system is strong enough to fight cancer cells, but because of people unable to take good care of their body, the immune system gets overworked and therefore is unable to fight off cancer. Believe it or not, every human produces cancer cells. We can fight it naturally. It is just hard to do when your body has limited resources.

It is important to take note that fighting off cancer is not a one-time thing. You have to combine multiple strategies to ward it off. If you don’t have cancer now, it is the best time to fight it before it reaches a point of no return.

Dextofying and restoring nutrients to your body is your first step. Although we don’t know the main cause of cancer yet, a lot of studies show that toxins in your body can trigger it. Enjoy a fresh fruit by turning it into juice. It detoxifies and restores nutrient at the same time with faster absorption rate because it is in liquid form.

Eating ginger is a good idea to ward off and destroy potential cancer cells. Add it to your daily food. It is easy to get and can be mixed with a lot of food. The anti-cancer qualities can be effective against colon,  breast and skin cancers.

Explore new methods of cure. Get to know what kind of practice and methods work by asking around or doing research on the internet. There are a lot of promising cures like GcMAF yogurt or the vitamin B17 drug called Laetrile. Ask your doctor for any ongoing trials for cancer patients. Not only will you help yourself but you will help in their research which could save lives in the future.

Always remember that one method alone will not cure you. Trying a combination of different methods can work wonders. Start small with something you can easily do and eventually build on that act to hopefully help you get rid of cancer.




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Trouble With College Essays


You are not alone on having troubles with college papers. Research reports that 3 out of 4 students struggle with essays. Surprising as it may seem, a lot of American students have trouble with the proper usage of the English language. This is one of the major reasons why students have a hard time starting their papers that is why some prefer to buy college essay online safely. Most college students are a bit ashamed to admit this as they believe that they are supposed to know by now how to apply the basic rules when writing an essay. It is true that we have learned all these during our elementary days, however, if you aren’t writing papers from time to time, you are bound to forget the concepts of essay writing.

Plagiarizing your paper can result in a failing grade, or worse, expulsion. Most students think they won’t be caught, that was probably true ten years ago, but nowadays, checking a plagiarized work can be done within minutes. A huge database of articles and essays exists within the internet. There are websites that offer a free web crawl with the purpose of finding plagiarism. Don’t think that you will have to reword the sentences to get away with it. Such services, particularly the paid ones can distinguish the similar contents from one paper to the other. It may be not 100% copied, but it will still show how much of the content you’ve plagiarized. It will also show the source of which you’ve copied your work from. This is the reason why citing your sources on your paper is important.

Making proper use of commas. Most students use too many commas. Or at times, used in the wrong place. Professors like to mark such mistakes with their red pens, and consequently, too many of these red marks can decrease your grade.







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How To Fix The Error 0x80071AC3


If you are experiencing the Error 0x80071AC3, we have a step by step instruction on how to fix it. This error comes from the hard drive which prevents you to copy, paste or cut any file.

The usual reason in getting this issue is because of unexpected shutdown. If possible refrain from doing a force shutdown. A force shutdown is when you press and hold the power button until the computer turns off. Doing so prevents opened files from closing properly which could result in corrupted data.

Your computer is not meant to be used this way. It puts extra stress on your hardware when doing force shutdowns. It may not damage your hardware but it could shorten its lifespan if not used properly.

If you are forced to choose between holding the power button or pulling the power cord in order to shutdown or restart your computer, it is recommended that you choose holding the power button. Some power supply has safety features which prevent spikes and dips in power.

Here is a step by step solution in fixing the error 0x80071AC3:

  1. Go to your desktop and find the icon “This PC”
  2. Right click on the hard drive that is affected by this error.
  3. Click Properties
  4. Find the “Tools” tab
  5. On the Error-checking label click “Check”
  6. Put a check on “Automatically fix file system errors”
  7. Click Start


The amount of time it takes to scan your hard drive depends on its capacity. If you are wondering whether this will cause you to lose your precious data, the answer is no. It will not affect the content of your hard drive.

To avoid Error 0x80071AC3 you need to allow the computer to shutdown normally using the shutdown option on the start menu.



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Automotive GPS Units

Before the invention of GPS units, you don’t simply go to unknown areas without having to check your maps and mark your routes thoroughly. Along the way, your also bound to ask for directions. But these methods has its flaws. You can’t effectively check the map when you are driving unless you have a passenger with you. Asking for directions can also be misleading and if not, dangerous.

gpsgadgetFortunately for us, with the creation of the GPS system, map-reading and asking for directions from strangers are now a thing of the past. You can easily track the location of a device just like this website localiser un téléphone. All of these can now be done through your GPS device. With just a few touch of the screen or voice activation commands, you can be on your way to unfamiliar cities or even states. The GPS map will show you the exact directions you need to take, as well as pinpoint your exact location real time.

There are some considerations to make when you are purchasing a GPS device. First is to examine how accurate it is, and the way to determine this is to check how many channels the unit has. More channels mean the device can communicate with a bigger number of satellites. This means you will have more coverage. Another tip on how to check its accuracy is to see if the antenna that comes with the unit is positioned in a spot where it can stand freely.

The next factor to look out for is the size of the unit. There are units which can’t be removed from the vehicle once installed. These devices are usually more complex than your basic GPS device.

The third thing to consider is the device’s interface. The more expensive ones will come along with voice activation, this is a more hassle free way when you are checking your routes while driving. The cheaper ones will only have buttons to work with, but nonetheless, it is more than enough to take you through various states when driving.

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6 Factors Why Shopping Online Is Better

The internet is now the way of life for some. They make money off it by different means. One of it is by selling online. Selling online has so many positive sides that you can’t possibly ignore it. In the past, you only use it to buy cool things, but now even groceries are ordered online. Here are some factors why you should shop online too. onlineshopping

Save on gas and time

A trip to the mall usually lasts 30 minutes if you are fast enough. Imagine buying two items in a week. You have spent an hour and gas buying two items when you can easily browse through the internet and buy the items you need in less time combined.

Finding the best deal is easy

Try this on a traditional store and you’ll have a hard time coming up with a list of deals. You have to visit the stores one by one to know how much they are priced. On online store, you can visit different websites in a matter of seconds.

No more clipping coupons

A simple search for a product’s coupon is very simple. There are sites made specifically to coupons. Almost all cool things to buy online have discount coupons. A few clicks and there and your coupon is applied. No more hassle of clippings.

Buy anything from around the world

To set up a store on the internet is a feature that benefits the consumers. The location of a person is not a limit anymore. If someone wants to buy an exotic item that is found on a single location only, it can easily be arranged. There are a lot of ways to ship an item to almost any part of the world.

Online shopping is open 24/7

You are at bed, and you remembered you need a brand new dress. What do you do? For traditional shopping, you have to wait until the store is open to get what you need, unlike in online shopping you can do it the moment you think of it right there in your bed.

Sending gifts is easier

When using online shopping, you can have the gift delivered straight to the recipient. You don’t have to fall in line at the post office to send your gift. Saves you time and money.


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Fertility Guide For Men

There are a lot of couples right now facing infertility problems compared to a few decades ago. The common misconception is that when a couple can’t have a baby, the problem is with the female. This is wrong because according to a study, 40% of fertility issue comes from men and another 40% comes from women. The remaining 20% is either unknown or the issue is coming from both parties.

fertility for men

Male infertility could be any of the following problems:

  • Sperm Motility – It is the ability of the sperm to swim through. Low in motility could mean that your sperm is unable to reach the egg.
  • Varicocele – It is a condition where the veins in the scrotum are dilated.
  • Too much xenoestrogen exposure
  • Urethral Stricture – It is the narrowing of the urethra.
  • Undescended testis/testes (cryptorchidism)  It is when the testicle hasn’t moved in the scrotum before birth.
  • Low sperm count– This the most common problem. It is the inability of the testes to produce enough sperm.

Here are some statistics about men infertility from World Health Organization:

  • 85 % of infertility are treated with medications or surgery with the reproductive organs.
  • A very small percentage of couples attempt IVF (in vitro fertilization) which costs around $10,000.  Another downside of this solution is that the success rate is ranging from 10 to 20% only.
  • 10 to 20% of men have low sperm count.
  • Around 2 to 3% of men can’t produce sperm at all.
  • 15% of the population within the reproductive age population have been affected by infertility.

Before going to the doctor you might want to learn how to increase fertility naturally. Start with eating foods rich in Zinc and vitamin E. These foods are oysters, lean beef, legumes and nuts. For vitamin C you can eat citrus fruits. Completely avoid coffee, alcohol, tobacco and tea. Keep your weight in control. Loss of sex drive is due to food deprivation.






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6 Reasons To Start A Rooftop Garden


Thinking about starting a rooftop garden, but not sure if all that work is worth it? Here are six reasons to go for it.

1. Rooftop gardens keep your building cooler.

In the summer, black tar roofs do nothing but absorb heat. Even shingles and other residential roofing materials hang on to heat like the sun might turn off tomorrow. A rooftop garden is a natural way to reduce your cooling costs in the summer because all plant matter absorbs what it needs and reflects the rest.

2. Growing your own food is cheaper and healthier than buying it at the store.

If you start early, you can have an entire vegetable garden for under ten bucks. Seed packets are incredibly cheap, and if you use recycled containers or plant bed material and free community soil, your start-up costs will more than be paid for with your first harvest.

If you’ve ever felt guilty about buying those tomatoes from Peru that used all that fossil fuel to get here, all you have to do is climb some stairs for your salad. Growing your own food guarantees that it’s “organic” and that you’re supporting fair labor practices. After all, you wouldn’t work so hard on starting a rooftop garden if it wasn’t going to pay in the end, right?

3. You can get a grant to offset start-up costs.

Organizations like Green Roofs give out big money to big buildings to start rooftop gardens. If you’re trying to convince your office building, hospital, college, or high-profile landmark building to go greener, you might be able to sway the higher-ups with a sweet grant. Other organizations give environmental awards to buildings that start rooftop gardens.

If you’re a homeowner, you may be able to write your start-up costs off on your taxes. Talk to your accountant (or your random H &R Block employee) about your rooftop garden to find out if it qualifies for a home improvement or a business expense. Some large cities also offer subsidies and tax incentives.

4. You’ll be the only city person with a suntan in April.

Starting a rooftop garden means lots of work in the beginning, but think about great you’ll look with your toned arms and a tan when everyone else is still wearing sweaters.

5. You’ll have a quiet place to relax.

Why go out for cocktails when you’ll have your own oasis right above you? The library will have nothing on your new reading space. Even better, your roommate’s poker games and 3:00 a.m. computer sound effects won’t touch you in your sanctuary. The rooftop garden you create can become a silent, calming place in the middle of urban chaos. Think about how much money you’ll save on headache medicine.

6. You’ll provide a little sanctuary for the birds and bees.

Sure, you can get it on in your rooftop garden o’ love, but I was speaking literally. With all the talk about migrating birds not having anywhere to stop for a rest and bees disappearing, starting a rooftop garden is a small but important way to do your part for these small creatures.